Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Payson Parade, Recital Classes and Team Auditions for the new dance year starting September 4, 2017

 I wanted to let you know we will be starting back to fall dance the week of Labor Day.  

We will also be doing the Payson Parade on Labor Day.  If you want your dancer to participate in the Parade the cost is $25 this includes a printed tank top and short for them to wear in the Parade (if your dancer is already doing the Stadium of Fire you don't need to purchase a parade outfit because they will already have one).  I need the $25 by June 2. 

Let me know if your dancer is planning on coming back to dance.  You can do this by replying to the email or texting me.  I want to get all my classes scheduled for the fall before I have this little baby:) 

Also we will be having our Dance Team Auditions on June 6 and June 8 (they need to come both days).  Girls ages 4-8 will come 9am-10:30am; Girls ages 9-18 will come 10:30am-Noon.  Everyone who auditions will be placed on a team, the auditions help me to find the best spot for each dancer.  Let me know if your dancer will be auditioning so I can reserve her spot and give you more info.  Thank you!!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Solos and Duets for Nationals @ Lagoon

Solos and Duets for Nationals @ Lagoon

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tennessee-2:00pm  Honey Locust Pavilion

Tennessee-2:24pm Canyon Pavilion

Alexa-3:34pm Meadow Pavilion

Zowee-3:40pm Meadow Pavilion

Camryn-4:06pm Meadow Pavilion

Madison-4:19pm Honey Locust Pavilion

Caidance-4:52pm Meadow Pavilion

Brooklyn-4:52pm Meadow Pavilion

Camryn-5:04pm Canyon Pavilion

Sydney-6:41pm Canyon Pavilion

Alexa & Caidance-7:16pm Meadow Pavilion

Friday, May 5, 2017

All Competition Teams for Nationals @ Lagoon

Teams for Nationals @ Lagoon

Saturday, May 20, 2017

375 Lagoon Dr, Farmington, UT 84025

Diva Sensations-Canyon Pavilion
Me & My Girls-9:26am
How Far I'll Go-1:50pm
Be there at 8:30am
Center Stage Team-Canyon Pavilion
I'm Your Girl-10:50am
Can't Stop The Feeling-10:50am
Whole Wide World 2:24pm
Be there at 9:45am

Express Company-Canyon Pavilion
Brave Honest Beautiful-10:50am
Alice in Wonderland-12:25pm
Be there at 9:45am

Hip Hop Senior Team-Davis Pavilion
Me Too-10:57am
Here I Come-10:57am
Can't Get Enough-10:57am
Be there at 10:00am

Glam Girlz-Canyon Pavilion
Swagger Jagger-1:06pm
Worth It-1:06pm
Let the Bass Go 1:06pm
Be there at 12:00pm

Extreme Company
I Won't-2:15pm Meadow Pavilion
The Beat Goes On-4:47pm Canyon Pavilion
Rise Up-5:40pm Canyon Pavilion
Be there at 1:15pm

Elite Company-Davis Pavilion
The Only Way Out-7:24pm
Be there at 3:00pm

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Taylorsville Competition-All Team Members

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Taylorsville Competition @ Taylorsville High School 

5225 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT

Spectators Get in Free

Elite Company-Auditorium
Only Way Out-9:45am
Be There at 7:45am

Extreme Company-Auditorium
I Won't-12:43pm
The Beat Goes On-1:39pm
Rise Up-3:15pm
Be There at 11:45am

Hip Hop Senior Team-Auditorium
Can't Get Enough-2:44pm
Me Too-2:44pm
Here I Come-2:44pm
Be There at 1:45pm

Express Company
Alice In Wonderland-4:17pm Gym A
Brave Honest Beautiful-6:11pm Auditorium
Bright-7:45pm Auditorium
Be There at 3:15pm

Glam Girlz-Gym A
Swagger Jagger-4:40pm
Let the Bass Go-4:40pm
Worth It-4:40pm
Be There at 3:40pm

Diva Sensations-Auditorium
Me & My Girls-5:13pm
How Far I'll Go-7:25pm
Be There at 4:15pm

Center Stage Team-Auditorium
Can't Stop the Feeling-6:11pm
I'm Your Girl-6:11pm
Whole Wide World-7:45pm
Be There at 5:00pm

Taylorsville Competition-Solos and Duets

Taylorsville Competition

5225 S Redwood Rd, Taylorsville, UT

Spectators Ge in Free

Be there an hour before

Friday, April 21, 2017

Camryn-4:28pm Auditorium

Sydney-5:18pm Auditorium

Alexa-6:02pm Gym A

Zowee-6:13pm Gym A

Camryn-6:54pm Gym A

Alexa and Caidance-8:27pm Gym A

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tennessee-1:30pm Gym A

Tennessee-1:53pm Gym A

Madison-2:56pm Gym A

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Paysetter Dance Competition this Saturday!

Paysetter Competition @ Payson High School

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dancers get in free; Spectators $5 a person or $20 for a family of five

Awards at 2:30pm

*Be There An Hour Before You Go On*

Solos and Duets
8:12 Tennessee Nelson
8:16 Alexa Zeeman
8:20 Caidance Callaway
8:24 Chelsea Davis
8:28 Camryn Openshaw
8:32 Sydney Haslam
8:36 Zowee Hanks 
8:40 Alexa Zeeman and Caidance Callaway
8:44 Camryn Openshaw and Chelsea Davis 

Elite Company
12:59pm The Only Way Out
1:27pm Fighter
2:07pm Alive

Extreme Company
10:08am I Won't
10:48am Rise Up
11:04am The Beat Goes On

Express Company
10:20am Brave Honest Beautiful
10:36am Bright
11:28am Alice In Wonderland

Center Stage Team
12:23pm I'm Your Girl
12:39pm Can't Stop the Feeling
12:55pm Whole Wide World

Diva Sensations
1:11pm Me & My Girls
1:35pm How Far I'll Go
2:03pm Fabulous

Hip Hopperz
10:28am Here I Come
11:16am Can't Get Enough
2:11pm Me Too

Glam Girlz
11:40am Swagger Jagger
12:15pm Worth It
12:35pm Let the Bass Go

11:52am True To Your Heart
12:27pm Gold
12:51pm Lost Boy

Show Stoppers
12:47pm I'm In Love With A Monster
1:07pm Zero to Hero
1:55pm If Only

1:15pm Something That I want
1:23pm Cruella De Vil
1:39pm Where You Are

1:47pm Get Back Up Again
2:15pm Part of Your World

Friday, February 10, 2017

Competition Teams

Thanksgiving Point
Show Barn

Saturday, February 25, 2017
   3003 N. Thanksgiving Way   Lehi, UT 84043

Doors Open at 7:00am

Spectators Get in Free!!

Hip Hop Senior Team
Me Too- 8:25am
Here I Come- 8:25am
Can't Get Enough 8:25am
Be There at 7:30am

Extreme Company
I Won't- 9:48am
The Beat Goes On- 10:30am
Rise Up- 11:40am
Be There at 8:48am

Diva Sensations
Fabulous 1:20pm
How Far I'll Go 4:16pm
Be There at 12:20pm

Center Stage Team
Can't Stop the Feeling- 2:30pm
I'm Your Girl- 2:30pm
Whole Wide World- 5:05pm
Be There at 1:30pm

Express Company
Brave Honest Beautiful- 2:30pm
Alice In Wonderland- 3:29pm
Bright- 5:05pm
Be There at 1:30pm

Glam Girlz
Let the Bass Go-3:53pm
Swagger Jagger- 3:53pm
Worth It- 3:53pm
Be There at 2:53pm

Elite Company
Fighter- 7:56pm
Alive- 8:21pm
Only Way Out- 8:21pm
Be There at 7:00pm