Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All Competition Teams!!

Just wanted to remind all you parents and dancers of the Competition Teams, that the Releve Competition fee is due this week!! Releve is our first dance competition on Saturday, March 17 at Maple Mountain High School. I need this fee paid no later than this week or your dancer will not be able to compete at this competition or future competitions. Elites, Encores and Premiers fee is $44.00. Hip Hop Kidz and Hip Hoppers fee is $22.00. If your dancer is on two teams make sure you add the fees together!! Also I hadn't out a revised paper of our competitions and performances if your dancer did not bring one home and you need one please let me know. Thanks so much-Miss Kimber

Oh and Dancers you did an awesome job at Paysetter Night!! Way to rock it!! I can't wait til competition!!