Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Competition Teams Only

This week the Gotta Move Competition Fees are Due!! The Gotta Move Competition is on May, 5 but they had an earlier deadline so I need this money no later than this week. You should have already known about this I had sent home notes a month ago with your dancer but I want to make sure everyone remembers. Look under your dancer's team name to find how much you owe. If they are on more than one team please add the fees together.
$33.00 (they will compete all 3 of their routines)
$33.00 (they will compete all 3 of their routines)
$33.00 (they will compete all 3 of their routines)
Hip Hop Kidz:
$22.00 (they will compete their 2 routines)
Hip Hoppers:
$22.00 (they will compete their 2 routines)

Thanks for all you do:) I enjoy teaching these cute kiddos!!

*Hip Hop Teams*

This coming Saturday, March 3 we will not be having hip hop on this day since some of my other groups will be performing on this day. So please read under your team name to find your make-up class:)

Hip Hop Kidz (there time is usually 9-10am on Saturday)
Make-up class will be Monday, March 5 from 5:00-6:00pm

Hip Hoppers
Make-up class will be this Monday, February 27 from 5:00-6:00pm

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recital Fee is Due Now

Everyone must pay the Recital Fee in order for your dancer(s) to perform at the Spring Recital in May at Payson High School. The fee for one dancer is $30.00 if you have more than one dancer performing in your immediate family the fee is $45.00 for all of them. This must be paid ASAP. Since we have a recital fee I do not have to charge everyone at the door, so please invite as many people as you want.
Also note the recital fee is separate from the competition fee some people were confused about that. The recital is the end of the year performance at Payson High School and the competition is at Spanish Fork High where they will compete one routine and receive a trophy you must pay both in order for your dancer to participate in them. If you lost your paper that said when the competition fee is due let me know and I can get you a new one.
Thanks so much- Miss Kimber