Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Past Payments & Summer Payments

I just wanted to let you all know for Summer Dance, the money has to be paid all up front with only the exception if you have 2 or more dancers- you can pay half of the total the first class of June & the other half must be paid in full the first class in July.  I cannot & will not accept anything else.  I know there are certain circumstances which I'm sorry but this is a business and my lively hood and I have to treat it as such.  First day of Summer Dance I will be collecting payments if you don't have the payment paid in full at the first of class your dancer will be unable to attend the dance lesson.  Parents please don't send your child without the payment, because I will have to have them call you to pick them up.

Parents who have not paid all their dancers fees from past months need to call me to work this out or your dancer will not be welcome back to dance and you parents know who you are.  I completed my part of the contract & taught your kids dance and gave them a nice recital and I expect you to keep up your end and pay for the lessons & recital.

And a big hooray for all you parents who pay on time and fulfill your contract, it's greatly appreciated!! 
Thanks- Miss Kimber

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer & Fall Sign Ups

Just wanted to remind you that I still need to know what dancers will be taking Summer & Fall and what classes they want to take.  You can call me at 801-836-1803 or email me at

Step In Time Dance

Summer & Fall Dance Sign-Ups

Summer Dance:  Will start the week of June 5 and go through the week of August 7 (10 weeks).  Your Dancer’s class will either be on Tuesday or Wednesday in between the times of 9am-1pm.  I will give you a day & a time when I know how many dancers will be taking.  We will be performing at local parades & talent shows (Santaquin, Salem & Payson).  Since they will be performing a Summer Costume must be purchased in the amount of $50.00 which includes sneakers, shorts & dance t-shirt.

Below are the class costs for Summer Dance I have included the 10 weeks of tuition plus the costume.  If you have one dancer I want it all paid up front on the first day of class.  If you have 2 or more dancers you can pay half the first day of class & the rest by the first class in July.  Also there is a discount for parents with more than 1 dancer participating so ask me about thisJ

4 & Under:  $100.00

5 & Older:  $125.00

Hip Hop:  Must be at least 7 & Older.  $125.00

**If your dancer is 7 & Older & would like to do the regular summer dance class & the hip hop class it will be $160.00 for both classes & this includes the costume.

Fall Dance:  I would like to know if your dancer(s) will be coming back for Fall Dance.  Also if your dancer is 7 & Older and would be interested in being on teams for the Fall ask me about it.  In order to be on team they must be very committed dancers and go twice a week & compete at 3-4 competitions.

Way 2 Go Dancers!!

I just want to let all you dancers know how proud I am of all of you!!  Wow the progress you have made this year was outstanding!!  So many people have told me this was the best Recital yet!!  You really rocked the stage with your moves & made me so happy!!  And thank you, to all you sweethearts who gave me flowers, cards & gifts!!  That was so kind of you and those sweet notes made my heart over fill with joy & thankfulness to have such great people in my life!!  I love you all so much!!  You're the best & don't ever forget that!!  Love- Miss Kimber

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Recital This Saturday!!

The Spring Recital is this Saturday, May 12 at Payson High School Auditorium starting at 5:30pm.  All dancers must be there no later than 5:00pm!!  Make sure they have their costume, tights and all their shoes.  Please have them put all their stuff in a bag so they don't lose anything.

Way 2 Go Dancers!!!:) You're All Awesome!

I just want to let all you dancers know, that you did amazing at the Gotta Move Competition!!  I'm so proud of all of you!!  You really showed of your moves:)  Below are all the scores...

Gracie West & Cassidy King:  "We Can Change the World"  1st PLACE
Cassidy King:  "Let Them Be Little"  1st PLACE
Taylor Haslam:  "Always"  3rd PLACE
Lexi Collyer:  "Dream"  3rd PLACE
Taylor, Jordyn & Sydney Haslam:  "Never Grow Up"  1st PLACE

Hip Hop Kidz:  "Keep Your Head Up"  2nd PLACE
                          "All Day"  2nd PLACE
Hip Hoppers:  "Stereo Hearts"  1st PLACE
                       "More"  4th PLACE
Premiers:  "Twist My Hips"  3rd PLACE
                 "Unstoppable"  2nd PLACE
                 "Who Says"  2nd PLACE
Encores:  "Footloose"  2nd PLACE
                "Sing, Sing"  1st PLACE with a High Silver Exclusive Rating
                "Waiting Outside the Lines"  3rd PLACE
Elites:  "Waka Waka"  2nd PLACE
            "Black & Gold"  3rd PLACE
            "Skyscraper"  2nd PLACE

Friday, May 4, 2012

All Fees Need To Be Paid ASAP

Just a reminder all tuition and fees need to be paid ASAP!!  Or your dancer will not be able to perform at the recital!!  Please get these to me:)  Thanks- Miss Kimber

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't Forget It Costs To Get Into The Gotta Move Competition!

Spectator Fees collected at the door on day of event:                                        

$5...One day Teens and Adults                                                  
$3...One day Children age 3-12 yrs                                                                                
$8...2 day pass Teens and Adults                                              

$4...2 day pass Children age 3-12 yrs                                        
Wristbands issued to the general public. Dancer's in team uniform/costume are their "proof of purchase" for entry.
No outside food or drink is allowed into the competition.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is only for Solo, Duet & Trios!!!!

This Friday is the Solo, Duet & Trio Competition at Provo High School!!

Gracie West & Cassidy King:  We Can Change the World-5:30pm be there by 4:30pm.

Taylor Haslam:  Always-5:45pm be there by 4:45pm.

Lexi Collyer:  Dream-7:30pm be there by 6:30pm.

Cassidy King:  Let Them Be Little-8:30pm.

Taylor, Jordyn & Sydney Haslam:  Never Grow Up-9:00pm.

Awards:  Any dances performed before 6:30pm will have awards at 6:50pm.

               Any dances performed after 6:30pm will have awards at 9:45pm.

Gotta Move Competition This Saturday!!

Gotta Move Competition
Saturday, May 5, 2012
Provo High School (1125 North University Ave.)
Held in Main Gym

Hip Hop Kidz:  Keep Your Head Up-10am be there by 9am.  All Day-2:45pm.

Hip Hoppers:  Stereo Hearts-11am be there by 10am.  More-2pm.

Premiers:  Twist My Hips-11am be there by 10am.  Who Says-12:15pm.  Unstoppable-1pm.

Encores:  Footloose-10:15am be there by 9:15am.  Sing, Sing, Sing-12pm.  Waiting Outside the Lines-4pm.

Elites:  Waka Waka-12:15pm be there by 11:15pm.  Black & Gold-2:30pm.  Skyscraper-3:15pm.

Awards:  Any dances performed before 1pm will have awards at 1:15pm.

Awards:  Any dances performed after 1pm will have awards at 5:00pm.

Please have your dancers wear their warm-ups to the Awards Ceremony