Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Past Payments & Summer Payments

I just wanted to let you all know for Summer Dance, the money has to be paid all up front with only the exception if you have 2 or more dancers- you can pay half of the total the first class of June & the other half must be paid in full the first class in July.  I cannot & will not accept anything else.  I know there are certain circumstances which I'm sorry but this is a business and my lively hood and I have to treat it as such.  First day of Summer Dance I will be collecting payments if you don't have the payment paid in full at the first of class your dancer will be unable to attend the dance lesson.  Parents please don't send your child without the payment, because I will have to have them call you to pick them up.

Parents who have not paid all their dancers fees from past months need to call me to work this out or your dancer will not be welcome back to dance and you parents know who you are.  I completed my part of the contract & taught your kids dance and gave them a nice recital and I expect you to keep up your end and pay for the lessons & recital.

And a big hooray for all you parents who pay on time and fulfill your contract, it's greatly appreciated!! 
Thanks- Miss Kimber