Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer & Fall Sign Ups

Just wanted to remind you that I still need to know what dancers will be taking Summer & Fall and what classes they want to take.  You can call me at 801-836-1803 or email me at

Step In Time Dance

Summer & Fall Dance Sign-Ups

Summer Dance:  Will start the week of June 5 and go through the week of August 7 (10 weeks).  Your Dancer’s class will either be on Tuesday or Wednesday in between the times of 9am-1pm.  I will give you a day & a time when I know how many dancers will be taking.  We will be performing at local parades & talent shows (Santaquin, Salem & Payson).  Since they will be performing a Summer Costume must be purchased in the amount of $50.00 which includes sneakers, shorts & dance t-shirt.

Below are the class costs for Summer Dance I have included the 10 weeks of tuition plus the costume.  If you have one dancer I want it all paid up front on the first day of class.  If you have 2 or more dancers you can pay half the first day of class & the rest by the first class in July.  Also there is a discount for parents with more than 1 dancer participating so ask me about thisJ

4 & Under:  $100.00

5 & Older:  $125.00

Hip Hop:  Must be at least 7 & Older.  $125.00

**If your dancer is 7 & Older & would like to do the regular summer dance class & the hip hop class it will be $160.00 for both classes & this includes the costume.

Fall Dance:  I would like to know if your dancer(s) will be coming back for Fall Dance.  Also if your dancer is 7 & Older and would be interested in being on teams for the Fall ask me about it.  In order to be on team they must be very committed dancers and go twice a week & compete at 3-4 competitions.