Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This is only for Solo, Duet & Trios!!!!

This Friday is the Solo, Duet & Trio Competition at Provo High School!!

Gracie West & Cassidy King:  We Can Change the World-5:30pm be there by 4:30pm.

Taylor Haslam:  Always-5:45pm be there by 4:45pm.

Lexi Collyer:  Dream-7:30pm be there by 6:30pm.

Cassidy King:  Let Them Be Little-8:30pm.

Taylor, Jordyn & Sydney Haslam:  Never Grow Up-9:00pm.

Awards:  Any dances performed before 6:30pm will have awards at 6:50pm.

               Any dances performed after 6:30pm will have awards at 9:45pm.