Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Below, please find your dancer's class time & it will have their class name or team next to this, I want everyone to know their class name or team so when I type notes or posts you'll know who I'm referring to:)  Also by their class I will list what shoes they need for the year.

Tippy Toes: Wednesday 9:40-10:20am (Black Ballet Shoes)
Minis: Wednesday 11-11:40am (Black Ballet Shoes)
Petites: Wednesday 10:20-11am (Black Ballet Shoes)
Primas: Monday 4-5pm (Tan Jazz Shoes & Black Tap Shoes)  If your dancer still has her black jazz shoes that fit her she can wear those til our first performance, by our first performance they all need the tan jazz shoes.
Premiers: Tuesday 4-5pm (Tan Jazz Shoes & Black Tap Shoes)
Show Stoppers Team: Tuesday 5-6pm & Thursday 4-5pm (Tan Jazz , Black Tap & Nude Foot Soles)
Encores Team: Monday 5-6pm & Wednesday 4:30-6pm (Tan Jazz, Black Tap & Nude Foot Soles)
Elites Team: Monday 5-6pm & Wednesday 3-4:30pm (Tan Jazz & Nude Foot Soles) 
Hip Hop Kidz Team: Saturday 9-10am (wear any sneakers they have)
Hip Hopperz Team: Saturday 10-11am (wear any sneakers they have)