Sunday, December 29, 2013

Important Please Read

Dear Parents & Dancers-  I hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas.  Check below for the date your dancer will come back to class.
Monday- January 6
Tuesday- January 7
Wednesday- January 8
Thursday- January 9
Saturday (Hip Hop)- January 4

There was some confusion about the monthly tuition for December & January.  In December we always pay full tuition because we get three dance classes & a party (which counts for the 4th lesson of the month).  January will be the normal full tuition because even with taking the New Year week off we still will get our 4 lessons or 8 lessons if you're on a team.

January Tuition needs to be paid the week we come back.  I know money is tight around the Holidays but I hope we can all get back on track & pay on time.

Teams need to pay their 2nd Competition Fees the week we come back to dance.

Superior Elites- $66
Advanced Elites- $66
Encores- $66
Hip Hop- $44
Solos- $80
Duets- $50

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Warm-Ups are HERE!!!

If you want your warm-up before we go back to dance I will be at the Peteetneet tomorrow morning 10am-10:30am if you want to stop by & pick them up.  Thanks so much!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Annual Dance Christmas Party!! Woot Woot!!

Hey everyone, next week is our Dance Christmas Party on Thursday, December 19.  We will be eating pizza & treats & playing some games!  Each dancer this week will be given a name for Secret Santa (you need to bring a $5 gift for that person).  I hope you can all make it!!  Check below for your party time.

Minis: Bailey, Bentlie, Brylee, Halli, Irie, Isabella, Jericka, Libby, Nevaeh, Olivia H., Olivia L, Quynn
Primas: Addy, Alina, Ava, Ellie, Fati, Lucy, Marley, Presley
On Pointe: Briley, Brylee, Ella, Lexi, Millie, Nikale

Premiers: Aaliyah, AlexisAnn, Allie, Averie, Jade, Karlie, Lexi, McKell, Meika, Taya
Show Stoppers: Addison, Alexa, Breana, Camryn, Emalee, Nicole, Roslyn, Savhanna, Taylynn (Since the party is on their dance day they will have dance on Tuesday, Dec 17 6-7pm)

Hip Hoppers, Superior Elites, Advanced Elites, Encores

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Tuition

*Just a reminder December Tuition is due this week.

*You must have everything paid in order to get your costumes or warm-ups.

*Also I need all the Competition Teams to get their Releve Entry fee's into me this week along with any other payments you are late on.  If you have lost your paper that tells you when everything is due, let me know and I can print you another one. 
Encores: $75
Advanced Elites: $75
Superior Elites: $75
Hip Hop Team: $50

*Solos & Duets that want to compete at the Releve Competition I need your entry fees to me no later than December 15.
Solos: $80
Duets: $50

*Hip Hop Team- Costume money is due for all the girls. The costume costs $100.00 (this include costume & glitter combat boots)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Competition Teams!!

All Competition Team Members, Releve Competition Fees are due now.  You must get this money into me asap.  Thanks!
Encores Team: $75.00 (will compete 3 routines)
Advanced Elites: $75.00 (will compete 3 routines)
Superior Elites: $75.00 (will compete 3 routines)
Hip Hop Teams: $50.00 (will compete 2 routines)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Schedule!!

The classes that normally come on Monday & Tuesday will still be the same.
Minis: Will come Tuesday 10am-10:40am
Advanced Elites, Superior Elites & Encores: Will come Monday 5-6pm & Tuesday 5-7pm
Show Stoppers: Will come on Tuesday 4-5pm (like they did on Halloween with my other class.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Tuition!!!

November Tuition was due this week, please get this to me.  Thanks so much!!

Attention Parents With Dancers Who Are On A Team

 I am still missing costume money which was due when we came back to dance in October, I need this ASAP so your dancer can get a costume & be able to compete & perform.
And I am still missing warm-up money, warm-ups are not optional for the teams & this was due the last week in October, please get this to me ASAP.  If you have any questions call or text me at 801-836-1803 or email at

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Dancers & Parents- I had my new bundle of joy on Tuesday, September 24 at 1:49pm.  Things did not go as planned I was in labor for 22 hours & they finally took her C-section because I wasn't progressing & her heartbeat was decreasing.  I'm so thankful to have her & that everything worked out!  Her name is Tennessee Joy Nelson, she weighed 7.1 & was 18".  She can't wait to see you all!!  Since I had a C-section we won't be coming back to dance until the week of October 14.  We missed the last week in September & we will get 3 weeks of dance in October so for October you will owe only half tuition like we did for August. 
Also I need to get costume money from you so I can order the costumes & get them here before any of our performances.  You can mail a check to me at PO Box 924 Santaquin, UT. 84655.  If you have forgotten or misplaced the note that tells you how much you owe text me & I'll let you know.  I can't wait to see you all!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

hey you all, im in the process of having my baby shes not here yet. we wont be having dance for the next couple of weeks. keep checking the website for updates. xoxo miss kimber

Monday, September 23, 2013


Dear Parents, dance costume money is due this week.  Please send the money with your dancer so I can get all the costumes ordered, so we have them in time for all our performances:) 
Thanks so much!!

Monday, September 2, 2013


Just a reminder to all the parents, I need the money from you, before I can get you fundraiser cards.  I can pick up cards every Friday if you get the money to me before then.  Thanks!

Summer Dancers

Hey Summer Dancers! 
You all did awesome at the Talent Show on Saturday,
so many people came up to me &
told me how cute & amazing you were!! 
You also did great at the Parade today,
I know the Parade is long & hot, but you all rocked it!!
Thanks so much for doing Summer Dance, you all made it so fun!!  Love you- Miss Kimber

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Advanced Elites & Superior Elites

There will be no dance on Monday because it's Labor Day.  The Advanced & Superior Elites will come on Tuesday 5-6pm with my Encores Team!!  Thanks so much!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Dancers

Payson Parade is this Monday, September 2, 2013
We are number 69
The Parade line-up is at 1400 South Hwy 198
They won't let cars drive to the line-up, so meet us by the Church & we will all walk or we can wait and ride a shuttle to the line-up.
Please have them there by 9:20am!!
The Parade will start at 10am & it ends over by Payson Market please meet us there to pick up your dancer:)
Thanks can't wait to see you all!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hip Hop Team

The Hip Hop Team will be having practice Monday, August 26 at the Peteetneet from 6-7pm instead of on Saturday, August 31 (because I have dancers performing at the park that day).  Thanks so much!!

Summer Dancers

All the girls who took Summer Dance will be performing at the Payson Onion Day's Talent Show in the Park on Saturday, August 31. 
Please have your dancer dressed in her dance shorts & t-shirt & sneakers.  Girls who dance to "The Monkey's Uncle" & "Walking on Sunshine" need their hair in a high ponytail & the girls who dance to "Catch My Breath" need their hair in a high sock bun.  They need to be at the park by the white bandstand at 11:20am we will be performing at 11:50am.

I have not received my info for the Parade on Monday as soon as I do I will post it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Encores Team

I just noticed on the note I sent home, it didn't say all the shoes this team needs.  The Encores need tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes & tan foot soles.  Sorry!!

Summer Dancers

The girls who took summer dance & are in the dances "Walking on Sunshine" or "Catch My Breath" will be having a practice this Saturday at the Peteetneet from 9am-10am.  The little-little girls that are doing "The Monkey's Uncle" don't need to be at this practice, they will be fine.
I will let all you summer dancers know in the next day or so what time we will be dancing in the park & what time to meet at the parade.  Thanks:)

Friday, August 2, 2013

I got our parade number it's 51.  I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Santaquin Orchard Days Parade will be held this Saturday, August 3, 2013. 
I need all dancers to be wearing their parade shorts & t-shirt & some sneakers they have..  (If you have not received a parade t-shirt I will bring them to the parade, they are coming from back east, but the company promised they would have them to me by this Thursday).  With the t-shirts they will be wearing I want them tied to the side or in the back with a clear elastic so they look really cute & we will be able to see their shorts.  Dancers that take on Tuesday: I want their hair pulled in a high ponytail if it's long enough.  Dancers that take on Wednesday: I want their hair pulled in a high sock bun.

Please have them to the parade line up at 9:30am at the City Cemetery (100 East 300 South). The Parade starts at 10:00am sharp.  Runs down Main street starting at 400 E to 300 W up to 100 S. 
After the parade we will take the dancers to Centennial Park which is at 300 W 100 S.  We will be performing in the talent show there at Noon.  This will give the girls time to cool down & have a snack before they perform:)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Dancers

All Summer Dancers- I wanted to remind you there will be no dance this week.  We will meet back the following week.  Have a fun Holiday this week:)  Thanks so much!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fall Dance!!

Fall dance will be starting the week school starts this year which is August 19-24.  If any of you have not told me if your dancer will be taking please let me know ASAP:)  I will be mailing out all your dancers information for the new year within the next 2 weeks.  I can't wait to see you all!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

I have the bestest dancer ever!!!

I just want to give a shout out to all my dancers, You all did so amazing at the Recital & it was our best one ever!!  I love you all so much & can't wait to start teaching you again!!  Remember you all ROCK & you are the BEST & don't forget it!! XOXO

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dance Recital!!!

This Saturday is our annual Dance Recital at Payson High School.  All dancers need to be at the High School by 4:30pm.  The Recital will start right at 5pm.  Please invite all your family & friends.  These dancers have worked so hard & I want them to show everyone all their hard work & talent!  All the Team girls need to wear their hair how they did for competition.  Team girls will meet in the band room.  All non-team girls need their hair pulled back from face but they can have it how they want.  All non-team girls need to be in the choir room.  Thanks everyone for such a great year!!

Dress Rehearsal For Team Members & Premiers & Primas

This Friday is our dress rehearsal at Payson High Auditorium. All the Team Members need to be there from 10am-Noon.  The Premier & Prima class need to come from 11am-Noon.  Please have your dancer bring all their costumes and dance shoes.  Thanks so much!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aspire Dance Pro Solo Duet Competition

Aspire Dance Pro Solo & Duet Competition

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spanish Fork High


Be there an hour before performance.

Makayla  & Gracie: "Say Somethin" 3:34pm
Anna & Alexa: "Good Time" 3:44pm
Cassidy King: "Try" 5:16pm
Jordyn Haslam: "Before All The Rocks" 6:36pm
Maddison Nelson: "The Show" 6:48pm
Chelsea Davis: "Invisible" 7:21pm
Gracie West: "One Thing" 8:15pm
Jessica Davis: "The House That Built Me" 9:02pm
Derian Poulsen: "I Hope You Dance" 9:07pm
2:30 pm - 11:05 pm Auditorium Solo, Duet & Trio Competition
5:45 pm - 6:25 pm Awards for Duets, Trios, Mini solos and all
dances performed prior to 5:45 pm.
11:05 pm Awards for Junior, Teen and Elite solos.

Aspire Dance Pro Team Competition

Aspire Dance Pro Team Competition

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spanish Fork High School

Auditorium & Gymnasium

Spectators get in free.

Be there an hour early before your performances.

Show Stoppers: "Rockin Robin" Auditorium 9:58am
                          "Reflection" Auditorium 11:13am
                          "My Crush" Gymnasium 7:06pm
Encores: "Old Time Rock & Roll" Auditorium 10:04am
               "Circle of Life" Auditorium 12:55pm
               "Jailhouse Rock" Gymnasium 8:10pm
Elites: "Dog Days Are Over" Auditorium 12:52pm
           "Safe & Sound" Auditorium 2:48pm
           "Proud Mary" Gymnasium 6:45pm
Hip Hop Kidz: "Whodunit" Gymnasium 5:43pm
                         "U Can't Touch This" Gymnasium 6:06pm
Hip Hoppers: "Beauty & A Beat" Gymnasium 5:40pm
                      "Part of Me" Gymnasium 6:03pm
Just a reminder all dancers need to be at both award ceremonies to support themselves & the team they committed too.
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Awards for Mini High Point and all dances
performed prior to 1:00 pm.
10:05 pm Awards for Junior, Teen and Elite teams.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gotta Move Entry Fees

All dancers dressed in their costumes get in free to the Gotta Move Competition, everyone else has to pay at the door.  Below are the entry fees.
Spectator Fees collected at the door on day of event:
Affordable Prices for the Entire Family!
$5...One day Teens and Adults
$3...One day Children age 3-12 yrs
$8...2 day pass Teens and Adults
$4...2 day pass Children age 3-12 yrs
$2...Printed Line-up Program
Wristbands issued to the general public.
Dancer's in team uniform/costume are their "proof of purchase" for entry.
No outside food or drink is allowed into the competition.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Show Stoppers, Encores & Hip Hop Kidz Hair For Competition

Pull all hair back into a high ponytail then gather the hair in a bun on top of the head.

Gotta Move Team Competition

Gotta Move Team Competition Maple Mountain High

Saturday, April 13th 2013


Please be ready to perform 1 hr early.  They will not stop a fast running show.

Hip Hop Kidz- "Whodunit" 9:45am
                         "U Can't Touch This" 10:15am
Hip Hoppers- "Beauty & A Beat" 10:30am
                       "Part Of Me" 11:20am
Show Stoppers- "My Crush" 12:00pm
                          "Reflection" 12:15pm
                          "Rockin Robin" 1:00pm
Encores- "Jailhouse Rock" 9:15am
               "Circle Of Life" 12:00pm
               "Old Time Rock & Roll" 2:30pm
Elites- "Dog Days Are Over" 10:00am
           "Proud Mary" 11:00am
           "Safe & Sound" 12:45pm
Early Awards 1:15pm In the Main Gym
Wear Warm-Up Jackets to these:)

Gotta Move Solos & Duets Line-Up

Gotta Move Solos & Duets  at Maple Mountain High

Friday, April 12th 2013

Auxiliary Gym

**Be there ready to dance an hour before you perform, in case they get ahead in the line-up!
Makayla & Gracie- "Say Somethin" 5:30pm
Anna & Alexa- "Good Time" 5:35pm
Gracie- "One Thing" 6:15pm
Early Awards 6:30pm in Main Gym
Cassidy- "Try" 7:15pm
Chelsea- "Invisible" 7:15pm
Jordyn- "Before All The Rocks" 7:45pm
Maddison- "The Show" 8:15pm
Derian- "I Hope You Dance" 8:45pm
Jessica- "The House That Built Me" 8:50pm
Final Awards 9:40pm in Main Gym

Friday, April 5, 2013

Releve Dance Competition Awards:)

Way to go Competition Teams these are all the trophies they won!!  Hard work & dedication does pay off!  I'm so proud of you all:)

Hip Hop Kidz: Pink Diamond (2nd place) for "Whodunit"
Hip Hoppers: Pink Diamond (2nd place) for "Part of Me"
Show Stoppers: White Diamond (1st place) for "My Crush"
Show Stoppers: Pink Diamond (2nd place) for "Reflection"
Encores: White Diamond (1st place) for "Jailhouse Rock"
Encores: Blue Diamond (3rd place) for "Circle of Life"
Elites: White Diamond (1st place) for "Proud Mary"
Elites: White Diamond (1st place) for "Safe & Sound"

My Elites Team took the White Diamond (Highest Score you can get) Teen Recreational High Point Award for their dance "Safe & Sound" out of all the Lyrical Teams in their category!!

My Elites Team took the White Diamond (Highest Score you can get) Teen High Point Award for their dance "Proud Mary" out of all the Jazz Teams in their category!!


My Encores Team took the White Diamond (Highest score you can get) Junior Recreational High Point Award for their dance "Jailhouse Rock" out of all the Jazz Team in their category!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Next week the Peteetneet will be closed from April 1-6, we will meet back to dance the following week & you can pay April Tuition then.  I know will be missing a week of dance but will make it up before the Recital with a dress rehearsal.  Please have a fun and safe Spring Break!! 
Love, Miss Kimber

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Releve Competition This Saturday

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that all spectators get in free at this Competition!!  So invite all your family & friends:)
All the dancer's are going to do AMAZING, love them so much!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Elites Hair For Competition

Part the hair from left to right twist or french braid the bangs of the hair & then pull in a right sided low ponytail then gather the hair into a messy bun. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Recital Fee!!

I've finally been able to get around to my book work & I see several of you have not paid the Recital Fee that was due in February.  The Recital Fee is separate & different from any competition.  If you want your dancer(s) to perform at the Year End Recital on Saturday, June 1 at Payson High School I need the money ASAP.  The Recital Fee is $30 per dancer or $45 total if you have 2 or more dancers that are siblings performing.  This fee helps to pay for the building rental, insurance, stage crew, janitor and etc.  By each dancer paying this makes it possible so I don't have to charge people at the door, so invite as many people as you want:)

Attention All Elites, Encores, Show Stoppers, Hip Hoppers & Hip Hop Kidz

Competition Fees are due for Gotta Move & Aspire this Week!!!
Find your class or classes below & this is your total due.
Elites: $92.00
Encores: $92.00
Show Stoppers: $92.00
Hip Hoppers: $64.00
Hip Hop Kidz: $64.00

Monday, February 18, 2013

No Dance Today

There will be no dance today since it's President's Day.  My class that usually comes Monday 4-5pm will have class on Thursday 5-6pm.  My class that usually comes Monday 5-6pm will have class on Tuesday 5-6pm.  Thanks so much!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair for Eureka High School Performance

All competition girls I want the front of your hair pulled into a bump, then gather the rest of your hair & put it in a low bun on the right side of your head. Remember this is a performance so we need you in full make-up.  Those who have not been given their tights I will bring them to Eureka High.  Thanks so much, you kiddos are going to be amazing!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This note is for Competition Teams only:)

I wanted to let all the Competition Teams (Elites, Encores, Show Stoppers, Hip Hoppers & Hip Hop Kids) know we have been asked to do an assembly at Eureka High School on Tuesday, February 12.  I need your dancer at Eureka High School by 1:00pm we will have about 45min to practice before the assembly that starts at 2:00pm & will go until 3:10pm.  I know this is during school hours, so I hope everyone can come & get their assignments beforehand.  Also I wanted to let the parents know I talked to the soloists & duets & they all want to perform as well:)

I’m also going to have an extra practice for them this Saturday from 11-12 at the Peteetneet, they need to bring all their costumes so they can practice in them.  I think this will be a great opportunity for the kids to perform before their competitions.  I'm so excited, thank you dancers for all your hard work, you are going to be AMAZING!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

No Dance Today

Sorry for the short notice but I just found out today the Peteetneet will be closed. 

My 5-7 (Primas) will makeup their class tomorrow 4-5pm.
My Encores & Elites will makeup their technique Thursday 5-6pm.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paysetter Night

This post is for all parents of dancers who are on the Elites Team & the Encores Team:)

Paysetter Night is this Wednesday, January 16 starting at 6pm.  They need to be at Payson High School by 5pm!!  For all performances dancers need to be wearing full make-up (base, blush, eyeliner, mascara the only thing we have that is really specific is the eyeshadow we want it to be plum colored more towards purple than red & I will be bringing lip stick on that night so the girls can try it & we can decide on a certain color for all performances & competitions.
Elites: Will be performing "Proud Mary".  I need them dressed in their Emerald Green Jazz Costume, with gloves, tights & emerald earrings (which I will be giving on Monday) & tan jazz shoes.  I want the front of their hair pulled into a nice looking bump then take the rest of the hair & pull it into a nice tight low ponytail & put their diamond elastic band in their hair:)
Encores: Will be performing "Jail House Rock".  I need them dressed in their Jazz Costume with all the accessories it came with, tights & diamond earrings (which I will be giving on Monday) & tan jazz shoes.  I want their hair pulled straight back without a part in their black & diamond head band then take the hair & pull it into a tight high ponytail:)
Dancers performing get in free but everyone else it costs them to get in.  So make sure to bring cash or a check I looked online & it looks like it will be $2 per person to get in.
Thank you all for your hard work, we are going to Rock It @ Paysetter Night!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

We're Back to Dance!!

Hey there dancers, I hope you had a fabulous holiday vacation!!  I want to remind you all that dance classes go back to normal starting tomorrow:)  I can't wait to see you all & hear about all the fun you have had!! 
Oh & Competition Teams I need your St. George Competition form returned to me so I know how many will be attending!!
Oh & one more thing if you want a team jacket let me know ASAP what size & what color.
  Thanks & tons of love, Miss Kimber