Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This note is for Competition Teams only:)

I wanted to let all the Competition Teams (Elites, Encores, Show Stoppers, Hip Hoppers & Hip Hop Kids) know we have been asked to do an assembly at Eureka High School on Tuesday, February 12.  I need your dancer at Eureka High School by 1:00pm we will have about 45min to practice before the assembly that starts at 2:00pm & will go until 3:10pm.  I know this is during school hours, so I hope everyone can come & get their assignments beforehand.  Also I wanted to let the parents know I talked to the soloists & duets & they all want to perform as well:)

I’m also going to have an extra practice for them this Saturday from 11-12 at the Peteetneet, they need to bring all their costumes so they can practice in them.  I think this will be a great opportunity for the kids to perform before their competitions.  I'm so excited, thank you dancers for all your hard work, you are going to be AMAZING!!!