Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Tuition

*Just a reminder December Tuition is due this week.

*You must have everything paid in order to get your costumes or warm-ups.

*Also I need all the Competition Teams to get their Releve Entry fee's into me this week along with any other payments you are late on.  If you have lost your paper that tells you when everything is due, let me know and I can print you another one. 
Encores: $75
Advanced Elites: $75
Superior Elites: $75
Hip Hop Team: $50

*Solos & Duets that want to compete at the Releve Competition I need your entry fees to me no later than December 15.
Solos: $80
Duets: $50

*Hip Hop Team- Costume money is due for all the girls. The costume costs $100.00 (this include costume & glitter combat boots)