Monday, May 12, 2014

All Dancers Who Are Competing At The Last Competition

Gotta Move Dance Competition 
Provo High School Saturday, May 17, 2014
1125 N. University Avenue   Provo, Utah
Spectator Fees collected at the door on day of event:Affordable Prices for the Entire Family!$7...One day Teens and Adults
$5...One day Children age 3-12 yrs
$10...2 day pass Teens and Adults
$7...2 day pass Children age 3-12 yrs
$2...Printed Line-up Program
Wristbands issued to the general public.
Dancer's in team uniform/costume are their "proof of purchase" for entry. 
No outside food or drink is allowed into the competition.

These teams need to be to Provo High School 45 min. before their performance.

Hip Hop Team: "Despicable Me" 9:09am Aux Gym
                          "#ThatPower" 9:57am Aux Gym
                          "Wake Me Up" 10:45am Aux Gym

Encores Team: "Blue Suede Shoes" 11:12am Aux Gym
                         "These Boots" 1:51pm Aux Gym
                         "Mean Girls" 2:27pm Aux Gym

Advanced Elites Team: "I Am Me" 11:36am Aux Gym
                                      "Titanium" 2:51pm Aux Gym
                                      "Stronger" 4:15pm Aux Gym

Superior Elites Team: "Everything At Once" 2:12pm Main Gym
                                    "Stupid Boy" 3:18pm Main Gym
                                    "Conga" 4:09pm Main Gym

These classes need to be to Provo High School a half hour before their performance.

Minis: "It's My Party" 11:27am Aux Gym (Hair needs to be worn down with the headband, you can curl or have the hair straight.)

Primas: "Cruella DeVil" 11:33am Aux Gym (Hair needs to be worn in a high ponytail & curled; if hair is too short just have it pulled out of her face:)

On Pointe: "Sunshine, Lollipops" 10:42am Aux Gym (Hair needs to be worn in a low right sided ponytail & curled.)

Premiers: "Cruisin' For A Bruisin' 2:12pm Aux Gym (Hair needs to be worn in a high ponytail & curled.)

Show Stoppers: "This Is My Dance Floor" 3:48pm Aux Gym (Hair needs to be worn in a high sock bun.)

They have not given me times for the awards yet, the Teams need to stay for the awards but the younger classes can leave after they compete.