Sunday, May 11, 2014

Solos & Duets!!!

Gotta Move Dance Competition 
Provo High School Friday, May 16, 2014
1125 N. University Avenue   Provo, Utah
Spectator Fees collected at the door on day of event:Affordable Prices for the Entire Family!$7...One day Teens and Adults
$5...One day Children age 3-12 yrs
$10...2 day pass Teens and Adults
$7...2 day pass Children age 3-12 yrs
$2...Printed Line-up Program
Wristbands issued to the general public.
Dancer's in team uniform/costume are their "proof of purchase" for entry. 
No outside food or drink is allowed into the competition.

The High School will open at 3pm for solos & duets.
They have not given me any award times yet.

Makayla & Kendal: 3:36pm Aux Gym

Cassidy: 4:21pm Main Gym

Jordyn: 4:48pm Main Gym

Cassidy & Jordyn: 5:57pm Main Gym

Yesenia: 7:00pm Main Gym

Maddison: 7:42pm Main Gym

Gracie: 8:12pm Aux Gym

Chelsea: 8:24pm Main Gym

Alexa: 8:30pm Aux Gym

Derian: 9:09pm Aux Gym