Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stadium of Fire Main Dancers (Gracie, Chels, Jess & Brinley)

Please read to know your practice schedule for the rest of June.

Tuesday, June 17 10:30am-Noon (Peteetneet)

Wednesday, June 18 10:30am-Noon (Peteetneet) I have to film the girls this day and send it to the Stadium of Fire Committee so they can see how we are doing.

Tuesday, June 24 9am-Noon (Peteetneet Outside as long as they are not watering if they are we will practice inside)  Please bring plenty of water and some snacks & wear sunscreen.

Wednesday, June 25 9am-Noon (Peteetneet Outside as long as they are not watering  if they are we will practice inside)  Please bring plenty of water and some snacks & wear sunscreen.

SOF Dancer Rehearsal Schedule 2014
Mandatory Rehearsals – NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
You MUST be at all these rehearsals listed below in order to perform in the Show!!

Wednesday, July 2nd at the West Practice Field 1:30pm-4:00pm then you will have a break and need to be back to the West Practice Field 5:30pm-9:00pm.

Thursday, July 3rd BYU Stadium (enter NW gate) 6:45am-Noon then you will have a break and need to be back the West Practice Field 1:45pm-5:30pm and then you will have a break and need to be back to the BYU Stadium 7:15pm-11:00pm.

Friday, July 4th BYU Stadium 6:45am-12:30pm and then you need to be inside the BYU Stadium all dressed and ready to perform by 6:00pm.

WEST PRACTICE FIELD - We have a SOF PRACTICE FIELD which is right across the street from the BYU football stadium on the WEST side of the stadium. The West practice field is located on University Ave. and University Prkwy. It’s the BYU intramural fields just WEST of the stadium in the far west corner of the intramural fields. There is plenty of parking across the street from the
practice field in that BIG parking lot just west of the stadium (east of our practice field-between Canyon Rd. and University Ave).
Parents MUST have a wristband on to stay and help at rehearsals.  Each teacher will only be given a couple of parent helper wristbands, please choose parents that will be helpful and positive. Be sure to let your dancers’ parents know when to pick up their kids following rehearsals – check the above schedule for times!!
Please arrive early so that you will NOT miss roll call at the designated times!! VERY IMPORTANT!! DON’T BE LATE!!! Allow enough time to park, get your stuff and walk across the street to the practice field.Remember that ALL Parent helpers need to have their SOF wristbands on in order to get into the rehearsals.Wristbands will be handed out by Directors..... Directors and Dancers also need their wristbands on. Parent wristbands will only be
good for rehearsals - NOT the actual SOF show. Directors and Dancers MUST wear their wristbands for ALL rehearsals AND to get into the show!!! Don’t put the wristbands on too tight, because you’ll be wearing them for 3 days!!!!

Hair -- will be worn in a LOW pony tail slicked back tight with a half part on the left.  Pony tail will need to be curled.  Pony tail elastic needs to match your hair color -- blond, brown, or black -- no bright colors please!!
Make-up -- PERFORMANCE MAKE-UP....  please teach your dancers how to wear performance make-up correctly -- Face foundation is a MUST -- without foundation on their faces, the rest of their make-up won't stay on and look good for the entire show.  Wear a good blush (no orange colors, but red/pink colors are good), frost eye shadows look good to open the eye -- plums and lighter shades of plum look good too -- lighter on the lid, darker on the crease and the upper lid (not too dark though).  Red lipstick!!  Fake eye lashes are a MUST!!!  You may wear a little glitter on your eyes and/or face. 
Jewelry -- You may also wear rhinestone stud earrings.  NO dangling earrings. NO Necklaces, bracelets, rings!!! 
Nails -- NO long nails!!  NO nail polish unless it's French tip or a pale pink or something red, white and blue:-)

 TIGHTS -- TAN tights will be worn under the costume.  Be sure you have back -up tights!!  I don't want to see any runs or holes in the tights!!!