Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hair for SF Competition

Minis: hair pulled in a high pony tail and curled

Divines, Supremes and Show Stoppers: hair pulled in a low right sided ponytail and curled

Teams: sock bun

Friday, April 17, 2015

Spanish Fork Competition

Aspire Competition held at Spanish Fork High School
Saturday, April 25
Spectators get in free
Be there an hour early before you compete
Any routines performed before 3:50pm will have awards at 4:00pm on the Stage
Any routines performed after 4:00pm will have awards at 9:00pm in the Gym
Minis "When I Grow Up"-2:15pm (Stage)
Divines "Sugar, Sugar"-2:38pm (Stage)
Supremes "Popular Song"-2:41pm (Stage)
Show Stoppers "Wing"-2:17pm (Stage)
Encores Team
Tomorrow-1:37pm (Stage)
When You Believe-2:49pm (Stage)
Me & My Girls-7:01pm (Gym)
Juniors Team
Once Upon A Dream-1:04pm (Stage)
Smile-7:23pm (Gym)
Really Don't Care-8:08pm (Gym)
Teens Team
Who You Are-11:02am
A Little Party-6:26pm (Gym)
Rather Be-6:58pm (Gym)
Elites Team
Eleanor Rigby-3:25pm (Stage)
Human-3:53pm (Stage)
Love Runs Out-7:10pm (Gym)
Hip Hoppers Team
Get Up Offa That Thing-5:00pm (Gym)
Another One Bites The Dust-5:34pm (Gym)
Problem-5:55pm (Gym)


Solos, Duet & Trio (Spanish Fork Competition)

Spanish Fork Solo Competition
Friday, April 24
Be there an hour early







Alexa 9:34pm

Award Ceremony-10:00pm

Duet & Trio
Saturday, April 25
Chelsea & Jessica-8:06am
Cassidy, Jordyn & Sydney-8:16am

Award Ceremony-9:15am