Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Encore, Junior, Teen and Senior Teams

Dear Parents  and Dancers-  the following teams will be performing at Paysetter Night on Thursday, January 21 starting @ 6pm and they will need to be their fully dressed and makeup on by 5pm.  They will be performing in the Gymnasium.  Dancers get in free, everyone else has to pay and entrance fee, since it’s a fundraiser for the Paysetters.  3 & under get in free  $4 per person or $20 for a family of 6.

Encores- will be performing “Good Is the New Bad” they need to wear their jazz costume, tights and tan jazz shoes.

Juniors- will be performing “Afro Circus” they need to wear their jazz costume, tights and tan jazz shoes.

Teens-will be performing “Superhero Mix” they need to wear their jazz costume, tights and tan jazz shoes.

Seniors-will be performing “Counting Stars” they need to wear their blue contemporary costume, tights and tan foot undeez.

Team Members

Hair & Makeup for all Performances and Competitions

Hair needs to be pulled up into a high sock bun.  Make sure the hair is pulled tight.

*Reminder Stake Makeup is different than everyday makeup; it needs to be more dramatic.  So their facial expressions stand out on stage.*

Apply foundation.  For stage makeup, a full coverage foundation is needed.

Apply a plum (more purple than red) colored eye shadow.  If you choose to, after doing the eye shadow you can use a light powder for the face.  (You want to put the eye shadow directly over the foundation so it sticks better.)

Apply eye liner.  This is a crucial part of stage makeup since eyes should pop from afar.

Apply false lashes and mascara.  For young girls, you may need to cut lash strips so they properly fit the eye.  Allow lash glue to reach a tacky consistency for a few seconds and then apply to the upper lash line.  Then add your mascara to lower lashes & even to the top to make them blend into your false lashes.

Apply blush.  Apply color to the apples of the cheeks and blend thoroughly. Blush should appear as a wash of color radiating from the cheeks. 

Apply lipstick.  We are using Rimmel London Provocalips in the color “Kiss Me You Fool” (it’s a bright red.  You can find this at Walgreens, Rite-Aid & I know the Wal-Mart in Spanish Fork had it or if you want I can order you the lipstick online if you bring me $6.00. Apply a hefty amount and let it dry, dry, dry then put on the clear shine.