Monday, February 15, 2016

Thanksgiving Point Competition Final Line-Up for Saturday, February 27


Thanksgiving Point Show Barn

3003 North Thanksgiving Way

Lehi, Utah 84043

Doors open at 7:00am

You will notice they have scheduled us back to back on several of our dances but they said they will make sure we have time to change and do whatever we need to.  I can explain more about this in class.  Also there is no admission to get in, so feel free to invite as many people possible.
Senior Team-Need to be there at 7:00am
Sassy 7:30am
Counting Stars 9:30am
Love Yourself 9:30am

Teen Team-Need to be there at 7:00am
Superhero 7:33am
Flashlight 9:21am
Children 9:21am

Junior Team-Need to be there at 7:00am
Afro Circus 8:04am
We'll Be The Stars 9:15am
The Show 9:15am

Encore Team-Need to be there at 1:40pm
Good Is the New Bad 2:40pm
Good Time 2:40pm
Colors of the Wind 5:07pm

Glam Girlz-Need to be there at 3:15pm
Whodunit 4:15pm
Rotten To the Core 4:15pm
Problem 4:15pm

Hip Hopperz-Need to be there at 9:10am
How I Feel 10:10am
Bad Blood 10:10am
What Do You Mean 10:10am