Tuesday, March 1, 2016

UP-DATED SCHEDULE Dance America Competition @ Juan Diego High School

Friday, March 11 is Solo Competition

Saturday, March 12 is Team Competition


Juan Diego High School:

300 East 11800 S. Draper, UT. (Enter from 12300 So. Use South & West Parking Lots.

Entrance to the school on the south side of the school (Friday only) and Saturday we will have an additional entrance open on the West side.


**Make sure you read the admissions cost below, when I signed up I didn't realize they charge at the door but they do, so let everyone know, that you invite that it costs to get in.
Dancers-Their costume is their ticket into the competition. If your dancer's are not competing Friday night and want to attend the solo competition they will have to pay admission.
Directors/Teachers: We will have a Directors list at the entrance allowing you into the competition. If you do not have teams competing in the competition Saturday you will have to pay admission on Friday night.
Spectators: $7.00 (adults) $5.oo (Students), $4.00 (Senior Citizens), and 4 & under are free. We will be selling 2 day passes on Friday night.
Friday, March 11 be there an hour before you compete
Chelsea 3:00pm Stage your awards will be at 4:00pm
Camryn 4:50pm Gym your awards will be at 5:30pm
Sydney 5:00pm Stage your awards will be at 9:50pm
Saturday, March 12 be there an hour before you compete!!
At this dance competition all dancers need to stay for their Awards.
Encores:Good Is the New Bad 8:30am Gym
               Good Time 10:30am Gym
               Awards Ceremony1:45pm Gym
               Colors of the Wind 5:45pm Gym
               Awards Ceremony 6:55pm Gym
Juniors:Afro Circus 9:00am Gym
              Awards Ceremony 1:45pm Gym
              We'll Be the Stars 3:10pm Gym
              The Show 6:45pm Gym
              Awards Ceremony 6:55pm
Glam Girlz:Problem 11:30am Gym
                   Whodunit 12:30pm Gym
                   Awards Ceremony 1:45pm Gym
                   Rotten to the Core 4:15pm Gym
                   Awards Ceremony 6:55pm Gym
Teens:Children 10:00am Stage
           Flashlight 1:00pm Stage
           Superhero 2:00pm Stage 
           Awards Ceremony 2:50pm Stage
Seniors:Sassy 11:30am Stage
              Counting Stars 12:00pm Stage
              Love Yourself 1:15pm Stage
              Awards Ceremony 2:50pm Stage
Hip Hopperz:What Do You Mean 5:00pm Gym
                        Bad Blood 5:15pm Gym
                        How I Feel 6:45pm Gym
                       Awards Ceremony 6:55pm Gym